Are You Eating Enough Protein?

For years I suffered from symptoms associated with inadequate protein consumption.  Unfortunately the symptoms are difficult to distinguish from those of other common maladies. This may be why it took so long for me to realize that I was particularly protein deprived. I was finally able to uncover the root cause of a variety of conditions that have plagued me through the years.

According to an article published by symptoms of recurring protein depletion include chronic headaches, insomnia, increased water retention, dry skin and rashes, anxiety, loss of weight, moody feelings and depression. The amount of protein needed on a daily basis varies depending on an individual's activity level and weight, but a general rule of thumb is to multiply your body weight by .36 which provides (in grams) an individuals daily protein requirement,

When I started to focus on nourishing myself with adequate levels of protein, symptoms such as chronic fatigue and anxiety began to dissipate. For those following a plant-based diet it is essential to keep track of your daily protein quota. Here is a list of plant-based protein sources.  

Try my vegan version of the traditional milkshake. This shake packs a punch with 20 grams of protein, 0 grams of fat and is easy to digest.

High Protein Pina Colada Shake Vegan

Pina Colada Protein Shake


-1 scoop vanilla vegan protein powder (I use Select brand's Vegan Series, it has 20 grams of protein per serving)

-4-6 ice cubes

-1 Outshine pineapple fruit bar

-1 - 2 drops of coconut extract

-10 ounces of cold, filtered water


Place the water, protein powder, ice cubes, extract and pineapple fruit bar in a blender.  Process until all of the ingredients are mixed together.  If you want to thicken the shake, you can add ice cubes, one at a time to reach desired consistency.

Yield: One 16 ounce serving has 180 calories, 0 grams of fat and 20 grams of protein!