The 10 Best and Worst Cities For Vegans

People are on the move these days; whether you're a vegan or just someone interested in plant-based foods, here are the states that make plant-based living easy, and not so easy.

The consumer spending experts at produced a comprehensive report, which identifies the best and worst locations for vegan food across the USA. Some of the locations may surprise you. Who would have thought that Seattle, filled with environmentally-conscious hipsters, tops the list for the worst places to live, while Texas, famous for its' barbecue, ranks highest for 'vegan-friendly' foods?

The study took into account several factors when rating the ten best and worst cities including:

-cost of energy to cook a meal

-number of specialty restaurants

-number of takeout restaurants

-specialty cooking classes offered

-cost of ingredients

Houston, Texas

Top Ten US Cities For Vegans

  1. Houston, Texas

  2. Denver, Colorado

  3. Los Angeles, California

  4. Dallas, Texas

  5. Chicago, Illinois

  6. San Diego, California

  7. New York, New York

  8. Portland, Oregon

  9. Phoenix, Arizona

  10. Columbus, Ohio

Seattle, Washington

Top Ten Worst US Cities For Vegans

  1. Seattle, Washington

  2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  3. Mesa, Arizona

  4. Baltimore, Maryland

  5. Indianapolis, Indiana

  6. Nashville, Tennessee

  7. Colorado Springs, Colorado

  8. Sacramento, California

  9. San Jose, California

  10. Louisville, Kentucky

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