First of all, thank you for following me and supporting my work. I have a few updates to share with you!

My new website is listed as lauracrotty.com, (it was previously title Broiled Grapefruit). Broiled Grapefruit is still there (in the blog), featuring revised vintage recipes, and I added an About section where you can find links to my work as well as reviews/interviews for the cookbook. The Little Vegan Dessert Cookbook is was awarded Finalist by the Next Generation Indie Book Awards! The awards ceremony can be seen here.

If you like rich, delicious desserts that just happen to be plant-based, you might want to check out The Little Vegan Dessert Cookbook. Featuring full-color dessert photos, and vibrant, fun vintage graphics, this cookbook aims to please. These easy to make recipes are highly shareable. This cookbook makes a great gift for the foodie in your life. Just click here!

Chocolate Mints Inspired From The Fannie Farmer 1951 Cookbook Recipe

Photo:Laura Crotty

Stay tuned for more news soon!